The club is run by a Management Committee of volunteers elected from the membership of the club each year at the AGM.  The Management Committee is responsible for conducting the business and affairs of the club and meets each month.  The most recent former President and Captain are invited to sit on the Management Committee.

The Management Committee consists of the officers of the club – President, Captain, Vice-Captain, Treasurer and Secretary – and six ordinary members.

The club has three main sub-committees:

The Rowing Sub-committee, consisting of the Captain, Head Coach and active senior coaches.

The Strategic Planning Sub-committee, consisting of the President, Vice-Captain and members with relevant experience.

The Health and Safety Sub-committee, consisting of the Health & Safety Officer and a number of volunteers drawn from membership of the club.


Maria Maguire

The President chairs the Management Committee and is responsible for inter-club liaison and stakeholder contacts; ensuring the club rules are followed and that appropriate policies are in place; and managing the club’s strategic review process.

Peter Gormley

The Captain is responsible for all rowing affairs of the club.  The Captain chairs the Rowing Cub-committee and manages any coaching contracts.  No club equipment may be used without the Captain’s permission and the Captain may suspend any or all categories of member from rowing if warranted by the weather or river conditions.

Paul Gillen

The Vice-Captain supports the Captain in managing the rowing affairs of the club.  The Vice-Captain is responsible for co-ordinating the club’s input into rowing events organised by the club or jointly and for organising the Learn to Row programme.  The Vice-Captain succeeds to the Captaincy in the year following his/her tem as vice-Captain.

Gillian Carolan

The Treasurer is responsible for the collection and disbursement of monies belonging to the Club and keeping proper accounting records of all transactions. The Treasurer provides a financial report to members at the AGM.

Fiona Byrne

The Secretary is responsible for organising meetings of the Management Committee and the Club; keeping accurate records of proceedings; correspondence on behalf of the club; registration of the club with Rowing Ireland; and submission of entries to competitive rowing events.
Membership Secretary

Norma McCambridge

The Membership Secretary is responsible for maintaining and administering the club’s membership database; managing the renewal/withdrawal of members; monitoring membership numbers and, if necessary, proposing ways of attracting and retaining members.

Eoin Gleeson

The bosun is responsible for the upkeep for the rowing and gym equipment and shall co-ordinate a team of volunteers to assist with this.  All club members are responsible for ensuring that equipment they use is well looked after.
Health & Safety Officer

Anne Grete Gormley

The Health & Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring that the club is fully compliant with the H&S requirements of Rowing Ireland, bringing H&S issues to the notice of the Rowing Sub-Committee/Management Committee and maintaining an incident log. The H&S Officer shall form a sub-committee to assist her/him and shall carry out regular H&S audits and risk assessments.
House & Grounds Officer

Geraldine Robbins

The House & Grounds Officer is responsible for ensuring that the club house and grounds are clean and well maintained and for bringing any health or safety issues to the attention of the H&S Officer.  The House and Grounds Officer shall co-ordinate a team of volunteers to assist them.
Social Events Co-ordinator

Mairead Conneely

The Social Events Co-ordinator shall be responsible for organising club social events and shall co-ordinate a Social Events Sub-committee to assist them.